naviBilling Rating & Billing

Powerful rating, billing and CRM for optimal operational efficiency

The naviBilling Rating & Billingsoftware engine is the powerful heart of the naviBilling solution. This suite of functional modules is the ideal solution for small to medium-sized telecommunications or content service providers wanting to optimize rating, billing and CRM operations.

naviBilling Rating & Billing features

  • Subscriber Management for easy handling of A-numbers, SIMs, IP addresses and more
  • Error Management for catching, correcting and re-rerating errant calls
  • CDR Processor & Scheduler for real-time or scheduled batch processing of CDRs
  • Fraud Management to catch and control fraudulent user behaviour
  • Kickback to manage customer loyalty programs or staff sales awards
  • Mediation Device for conversion of CDRs or EDRs from any source

naviBilling Rating & Billing works seamlessly with full package of naviBilling modules and product lines - including Mobile, Wireline, TV, Interconnection, IP/Broadband and Wholesale - to create a single, complete CRM, customer care and billing solution.

Any part of naviBilling can be integrated with applications through the field-proven and highly successful Microsoft Dynamics NAV to suit your specific business process needs.