naviBilling TV

Capitalize on cable TV services - and on new revenue sources

naviBilling TV lets you fully exploit your cable TV infrastructure and bill effectively for traditional TV as well as any new service or product, e.g. Pay-per-View movies and sports events, Video-on-Demand (VoD), broadband Internet access, Voice over IP (VoIP) telephony etc. naviBilling TV can be combined with other naviBilling add-on system modules - such as naviBilling IP/Broadband - which can easily expand on your billing capabilities.

naviBilling TV features

  • Program configuration including costs, languages, royalties, logos and more
  • Channel bundling
  • Billing of Pay-per-View services
  • Video-on-Demand billing based on duration or content
  • Royalty and vendor settlement management
  • Service management for efficient operations

naviBilling TV runs on the field-proven naviBilling platform and may be used as part of a fully convergent billing, CRM and customer care solution together with any other naviBilling product.