Facility Management Service

With the Facility management service you get your naviBilling solution hosted in our data centre in Sønderborg.

The data centre fulfills the maximum security regulations. All employees are equipped with an access/alarm system and the centre is coded thus only a limited number of employees have access. The centre is equipped with video, fire protection, cooling (4 systems) and no-break (both for irregular power values (UPS) and for complete power interruption (diesel).

All computers and all critical components are connected to the central management system and it is controlled 24-7-365 by our educated staff. All critical interfaces and processes in the billing application are also connected to the same management system.

The Facility Management services include:Hostingcenter

Best-in-class hardware machines

  • 24-7-365 supervision of hosted billing servers
  • Full maintenance of the machine park
  • Best-in-Class security systems and procedures - anti-viruses, robust firewall, combined fire and temperature control
  • Full secured data Back-Up